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<lewellyn> i really need to learn russian. ;)
<hiddenman> lewellyn: first of all you have to buy a bear and learn to drink a
lot of vodka for lunch
<lewellyn> oh. i've been doing vodka for breakfast. i'll move it to later in
the day, then.
<ab> lewellyn: your main mistake is to take vodka by yourself. Bear has to be
fed with it, not yourself
<lewellyn> ab: hm. i'll have to get a bear permit then!
<ab> that's why it is hard to be a Russian
<ab> you have to do it without permits
<lewellyn> i relayed your input to someone else...
<lewellyn> 06:12 lblume: To be fair, I hear that for lack of bears, many
Russians do the same mistake.
<ab> lewellyn: that's why there is a lot of misery in Russia